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CLAS has transitioned into the College of Science and the College of Humanities & Earth and Social Sciences.

Thank you for your patience as we sunset this website over the 23-24 academic year.

The door is always open
Try something new,
On your own schedule

Your connection to your College doesn’t have to end at Commencement. You can always reconnect: right away or even years later. Join alumni who are interacting with their home departments, engaging with other alumni, making important contributions in their communities, supporting current students, and enjoying our events.

If you live regionally, remember to check out the special membership rate at the University Recreation Center. You can also explore My49erNetwork, which has a special group just for the your College.

For more information, write chess-alumni@charlotte.edu or cos-alumni@charlotte.edu. Or indicate your interest here.

For a richer engagement experience, please consider these options:

The Common Space

The Common Space is a figurative place for alumni who just want to connect informally. Maybe a book club, movie night, rec club, tailgate or sporting event sounds appealing, but you just aren’t sure how to start.

Or maybe you would like to support the college, but are afraid of the time commitment. We can always use people to help brainstorm aspects of our upcoming events, help research the related practical details (venues/costs, etc), research contacts, help set-up/breakdown, use up your organization’s volulnteer PTO benefit! We know how you can help and still have fun! Let Us Know

Event Greeter/Ambassador

The Colleges host over 300 events per year, most of them hosted by individual departments and centers. They appreciate an alumni presence at their events as audience members and sign-in table greeters who can mingle with community members and students, and then contribute to Q&A sessions based on your professional experience. It’s a great way to network! Let Us Know

Personally Speaking Series Alumni Ambassador

The College hosts four Personally Speaking series events per year, to honor our published authors and to connect with the Greater Charlotte community. These are often festive events with an even greater need for department-related alumni who can converse with community members about the topic (broadly speaking) during our receptions. Extra appreciation if we can count on you to attend more than one! Let Us Know

Commencement Alumni Ambassador

Reminisce about your excitement (or nervousness!) upon graduation and welcome our newest graduates to the Alumni Association. Mingle with students and/or their families to learn about their time here at UNC Charlotte and to discuss the benefits of the Alumni Association, if they ask (we’ll help you understand this information). Mostly, we want them to have many opportunities to make their earliest alumni connections and to get a sense that their alumni journey is just beginning! Let Us Know

Niner Nation Gives Alumni Ambassador

Every spring, we ask, “who might want to provide momentum to our annual fundraising campaign?” The Alumni Association works hard for months dreaming up a series of festive events, competitions, and incentives for the alumni ambassadors who help us to motivate the rest of Niner Nation to make donations and challenges of all sizes. A monetary donation is not necessary to participate (although it is welcome). But we could really use your enthusiasm, pride of experience, and social media networking power to bring it all home for your College.. This past year, we kicked everything off with a networking buffet at Truist (baseball) Field in Charlotte. You do not have to live locally to be a Niner Nation Gives ambassador! Let Us Know

Presentation Panelist

From time to time, your home department may look for experts to sit on a presentation panel. If this sounds like something that would interest you, direct us to your LinkedIn profile. Let Us Know

And Beyond

Do you have other ideas? Write chess-alumni@charlotte.edu or cos-alumni@charlotte.edu. Or indicate your interest here.

For other events, including commencement events, visit the Alumni Association events page.

If you are interested in the mentoring process, check out this page from the University Career Center.