Our University Project Grant Recipients

Each year, the Chancellor’s Office awards faculty across campus with project grants. We are proud of our faculty from the College of Humanities & Earth and Social Sciences (highlighted in bold) who are being recognized for their initiative and collaboration. For full details, see the awards page.

2023-2024 CHESS Grant Recipients

Justine Lindsay: Mental Wellness While Breaking Barriers

Project Team: Erica Lennon, Renita Sengupta, Emily Brown, Daniela Recabarren, Sonya Ramsey, Jenn Byrd, Chelsea Ortiz
Counseling and Psychological Services (with co-sponsorship with Women and Gender Studies, Sport Psychology office, Office of Identity, Equity and Engagement, LGBTQ+ Staff/Faculty Caucus, and Center for Integrated Care)

Intercultural Development: Preparing Today’s Students to be Global Leaders Tomorrow

Project Team: Susana Cisneros, Languages and Culture Studies

ADVANCE Speaker Series

Project Team: Eddy Souffrant, Department of Philosophy and Andrea Dulin, ADVANCE FADO

Innovative Approaches to Spanish Teaching for Latinx Heritage Speakers in the Carolinas. Scholars and Teachers Initiatives

Project Team: Javier Garcia Leon, Paloma Fernández Sánchez, Olga Padilla-Falto, and Maria Lorena Delgadillo Latorre, All from Department of Languages and Culture Studies

Inclusive Stories of Health

Project Team: Gordon Hull, Margaret Quinlan, Amber Knight, Erin Basinger
Center for Professional and Applied Ethics, Dept. of Philosophy, Health and Medical Humanities Program, Dept. of Communication Studies, Dept. of Political Science and Public Admin

Wellness Taskforces Diversity Competencies Series

Project Team: Daniela Recabarren, Emily Stewart, Steve Muir, Janaka Lewis
Center for Integrated Care  

The Health and Well-being Unit Wellness Taskforces (Black Wellness, Latinx Wellness, and LGBTQ+ Wellness) wish to develop a series of competency trainings on areas of diversity for the three above identities to health and wellbeing employees. These trainings would include partnerships with community stakeholders that can present relevant material to improve the skillset of providers, and administrative employees when working with UNC Charlotte students who hold Black, Latinx, or LGBTQ+ identities, as well as other intersecting identities within each of those communities.