Early Entry Graduate Programs


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Did you know that exceptional UNC Charlotte students can begin their graduate degree early?

Early entry programs allow current students the opportunity to begin a graduate program while finishing a bachelor’s degree, while using up to 12 credit hours of graduate-level courses that can double-count towards both your bachelor’s and master’s degree.

Early entry graduate programs at UNC Charlotte can save you time and money on your path to an advanced degree.

Why start your graduate program early?

  • Seamlessly transition to graduate school
  • Finish a graduate degree faster, making it possible to finish a bachelor’s AND a master’s degree in as few as 5 years
  • Save money by paying undergraduate tuition and taking classes that double-count
  • Take 6-12 credits, depending on the program, that can double-count toward bachelor’s and graduate programs
  • In some cases, even bypass the graduate entrance exams (available for specific programs and may vary)

How do you know if you’re eligible?

  • Have at least a 3.2 overall GPA (4.0 scale, includes transfer credit)
  • Complete 75 or more credit hours of undergraduate course work—typically after the spring semester of junior year
  • Program-specific requirements (some programs may require an entrance exam or a higher GPA threshold, etc.)
  • Graduate school application and appropriate documentation, which may be found at https://gradadmissions.charlotte.edu/apply.

Find out more about applying for Early Entry at the Graduate Admissions webpage.

Whether you are looking for a certificate, master’s, or doctoral program, the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences has over 20 programs to choose from: