Summer Classes/ Transient Study Form


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Interested in taking Summer Classes at UNC Charlotte?

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Interested in taking classes from another Institution?

What is Transient Study?

  • Students who want to take courses at another institution and would like to transfer the courses back to UNC Charlotte may make this request through a process called Transient Study.
  • Transient study typically happens during the summer, but can also take place during the fall and spring semesters.
  • Charlotte is considered your “home” institution and the other school is considered your “host” institution.

Additional Notes:

  • UNC Charlotte only accepts a maximum of 64 credit hours from two-year institutions
  • No credit will be accepted for courses below C level for undergraduate students
  • Courses at other institutions are not included in the calculation of your Charlotte GPA
  • Courses at other institutions can not be used for grade replacement at Charlotte
  • You may not transfer courses to Charlotte that were taken and passed at Charlotte, without an approved Academic Petition

How to request a permit for Transient Study?

  1. Complete and submit the Transient Study request within the Academic Petition system. Make sure to do this before paying for any courses at other schools. This is to ensure that the courses will transfer back to Charlotte and you’ll get the credit you earn.
  2. You will need to register and pay directly for your course(s) at your host institution.

NOTE: After you complete your courses at the host institution, submit your Official final transcript to UNC Charlotte.

How to request financial aid for Transient Study?

If you need financial aid, submit the Transient Study – Financial Aid Request Form with documentation as requested on the form. The following must be submitted in order to process financial aid for transient study:

  • Completed Transient Study – Financial Aid Request Form
  • Copy of your course schedule from the host institution
  • Copy of your billing statement from the host institution
  • An approved Permit for Transient Study Form must be on file with the Office of the Registrar. If approval was not obtained, we will not be able to proceed with any awarding of financial aid for the courses.