Lifelong Learning in Senior Communities

Lifelong learning calendar dates are September 19 October 17 November 21 January 16 February 20 March 20 April 17 7 p.m.

By special arrangement, our esteemed faculty enjoy the company of our senior community partners in their own environment. Presentations last about 45 minutes with a typically vigorous 15 minute Q&A!

To inquire about presenting or scheduling a series for your community,

Academic Year 2024 Topics Included:

“From Uncle Remus to Gone with the Wind,” featuring Karen Cox, Ph.D.
“Superstorms! or ‘It Never Happens Here'”‘: Unpacking the True Relationship Between Tornadic Thunderstorms and Terrain,” featuring Casey Davenport, Ph.D.
“Demagogues and Dictators,” featuring Jurgen Buchenau, Ph.D.
“National Service for All: Part 2,” featuring Lieutenant Colonel Joseph Frederick
“Toto: Beloved Animal Companion or Yapping Meddlesome Pooch?,” featuring Dina Schiff Massachi, M.A.
“The Culture of Dolphins and the Dolphins of Culture,” featuring Alan Rauch, Ph.D.
“The Cutting Edge of Gerontology: Past, Present, and Possible Future Directions,” featuring Cynthia Hancock, Ph.D.
“Charles Dickens’ Christmas Carol: A Malthusian Tale,” featuring Alan Rauch, Ph.D.
“Ella: Mother, Minstrel, Martyr,” featuring David Goldfield, Ph.D.
“Gun Violence in Schools,” featuring Scott Gartlan, Ph.D.
“The Future of Social Security,” featuring Jacqueline M. Chattopadhyay
“Outsiders Inside: Jews and Muslims in Europe,” featuring Joyce Dalsheim, Ph.D. (with Gregory Starrett, Anthropology)