Faculty Fund Application Form

The Faculty Grant is the CLAS Alumni Council fund specifically designated for alumni giving. This fund is supported by the Alumni Council, alumni of CLAS, and friends of the college. All funds donated throughout the year go directly to support and enhance the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences. The Council will meet quarterly to review grant applications and distribute funds. The Council will vote on each grant application and decide upon the funding amount. You will be notified by email if your grant has been chosen.

Faculty Grant Application

The Council and committee are under no obligation to allocate the entire annual budget in the first allocation process. Grants may not be requested for a program that is defined as a fundraiser. In addition, those student organizations/departments that did not complete the post-event report and program summary from a previous allocation may not receive funds for the new fiscal year. We encourage groups in this situation to submit their previous allocation’s post- event summary prior to completing the 2020-2021 proposal.

Post-Event Report Submission Page

After receiving a grant from the Alumni Council Fund, organizations/departments are required to submit a post-event report and program summary to provide information on the outcomes produced as a result of the funding provided. This report is necessary to steward our donors and continue to seek additional funding from our alumni, families, and others in the Niner Nation.

Post-Event Report Submission

All remaining awarded funds that were not spent will be reclaimed by the Alumni Council / Dean of the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences.