LEADS Program

In Liberal Arts & Sciences,
You Are More Than Just A student

You are a CREATOR
You are an innovator
You are a communicator
You are an entrepreneur
You are a leader

Every day, your liberal arts and sciences studies help you to succeed. You are absorbing new knowledge and learning more about yourself and your life’s passions. With the opportunities offered through LEADS, you gain innovative and hands-on experiences to enhance your liberal arts and sciences degree and enhance your confidence to succeed in a dynamic, ever-changing world.

The LEADS program is designed to help students in the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences grow into critical thinkers, imaginative leaders, and engaged citizens who are well-prepared for their future careers. With the opportunities provided through LEADS, you will have access to unique programming that complements your major, networking events, and a variety of hands-on experiences to enhance your personal and professional development. You will have the flexibility to choose from the LEADS options that meet your needs and interests, and to proceed at your own pace.

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