Global Reach

berlinGlobal Scholarship. At UNC Charlotte, the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences studies a wide variety of historic and contemporary global questions. From the study of languages and culture, to conflict and peace, to research on juvenile crime to scholarship investigating the environmental impact of urban development on watersheds, faculty in the College take their expertise around the world—and bring the world home to Charlotte. The College is also home to several research centers that host visiting international scholars, sponsor conferences and lectures, and promote the study of international issues.

Study Abroad. Few experiences enrich students' appreciation of the 21st century's global culture more than taking their studies abroad. Semester- and year-long exchange programs allow students to study at host institutions around the world, while paying UNC Charlotte tuition. In addition to these longer programs, the College also hosts spring break and summer study abroad programs, in which students take one or two courses in an international setting.

Global Curriculum. Many courses taught in the College focus on international phenomena, while still others include global components as a portion of the course. The College also offers undergraduate and graduate degree programs that have global study as their principal focus. Certificate programs provide yet another avenue for students to study international questions through a formal curriculum.

  • The UNC Charlotte Office of International Programs has additional information regarding resources, programs, and events, including applying for study abroad.