Devin Clegg

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Student Perseveres In Research

Student, Biology

UNC Charlotte’s Devin Clegg sees a strong linkage between his selection for a prestigious National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship and lessons he learned when conducting biological sciences research and playing football with the Charlotte 49ers. Clegg, who completed his bachelor’s degree in exercise science at UNC Charlotte in 2016, is pursuing a master’s degree in biology at UNC Charlotte. Clegg is affiliated with two research labs in the Department of Biological Sciences in the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences – the labs of marine biologist Adam Reitzel and molecular and cell biologist Richard Chi. Clegg’s research combines molecular biology and protein biochemistry to uncover how genomes evolve in animals.

“When I first met Devin and saw his determination and his desire to learn, I believed he would be a strong addition to the research team in my lab,” Chi said. “He has proven that true in his time with us, as he has grown as a researcher. His research holds potential not only for him, but also for his particular field of study. I know, too, that he will continue to evolve as a scholar and also as a mentor for students who are coming behind him, which is important not only in my lab but also in modern research generally.” Read more