College Research Magazine

Exchange Magazine Cover 2019-2020Twelve years ago, the first issue of the College's print magazine Exchange was published. With this magazine, we want to connect to our alumni and friends and the broader community. We seek not just to send a one-way missive, but to invite a response back: to exchange. With this magazine, we specifically share stories about the research our faculty, students, alumni and friends are doing – and we showcase the manner in which modern research occurs.

As Dean Nancy Gutierrez says, “Research increasingly is a collaborative process – an exchange – needing the ideas, interests and innovative spirit of the many – not just the few.” In classrooms, labs, libraries, community settings, locations abroad and the myriad of other places where learning occurs, our students, faculty and other members of our College community engage in this collaborative, lively process. We all are enriched by this approach.

As you learn about the College and its research, these publications offer a great place to start, providing in-depth insights. Past issues can be found in the publications section of our digital news site Exchange Online.