Faculty and Staff

Faculty ADD to New Knowledge, Student Learning

Faculty in the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences contribute significantly to the stories of new knowledge that are critical to the advancement of humanity. At the same time, they also develop creative, pragmatic solutions to the world’s problems.

The college educates undergraduate and graduate students who engage with local, national, and global communities in transformative ways. The college is a place of scholarly inquiry, and also a learning laboratory where students develop thinking skills necessary to meet future challenges. Faculty encourage students to leave behind the confines of their comfort zones and push their learning frontiers. Students leave with the critical tools they need to succeed, no matter where they choose to live and work, and they develop the habits of mind and character to make the world a better place.

Faculty also are deeply engaged with the local Charlotte community and the global community through their research, their published works, and in other ways.  Many share their work by giving community talks and through other volunteerism.

The diversity of faculty members' research, engagement and teaching can be seen, in part, by checking out their faculty websites through Faculty Connections, an aggregation of UNC Charlotte faculty profiles.