Department Liaisons for Equity and Inclusion


The CLAS Diversity Program was established in 2010 by Dean Gutierrez to maintain and promote a climate of diversity. “In the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences,” Dean Gutierrez stated unequivocally, “we are committed to developing an inclusive environment where diversity, in all its forms, is valued and incorporated in the full-range of college activities.”

This Program is to recognize that diversity is critical to the future of our institution as an urban growth university as well as the uniqueness of our college whose departments and degree programs span from the humanities to sciences and social sciences.

In 2018, UNC Charlotte students came from 49 American states and over 1,400 students from 94 different countries. Of these approximately 400 are undergraduates and 1000 graduate students. The faculty in our college also engages in a wide range of research, teaching and service activities that make us uniquely situated to contribute to the diversity of our university community. It is important to recognize, support and promote the diverse make-up of our college as well as a richer understanding of the multicultural world in which we live today.

A central focus of CLAS Diversity Program is working with Department Liaisons for Equity and Inclusion to provide leadership in developing and disseminating best practices to incorporate diversity into our scholarship, teaching and service. Diversity includes, but is not limited to ability/disability, age, culture, gender, language, race, religion, sexual orientation, and socio-economic status. Building on the work by previous DLEIs, the current group has been hardworking, spearheading a number of initiatives to enhance our collective diversity experience.

Please feel free to take a moment to get to know the kind of work we do as a group. We certainly welcome your feedback to make our college and campus an even more inclusive and wonderful place to be.

All feedback and questions can be sent to Dr. Richard Leeman. 
Senior Associate Dean

2022–2023 CLAS Department Liaisons for Equity and Inclusion


Department DLEI Email Phone Office
Aerospace Studies Steve Campbell 704-687-8100 Memorial Hall
Africana Studies Debra Smith 704-687-2366 Garinger 129
Anthropology Peta Katz 704-687-8480 Barnard 247
Biology Michelle Pass 704-687-8519 Woodward 235G
Chemistry Jessica White   Science 312
Communication Studies Melody Dixon-Brown 704-687-0761 Colvard 5014
Criminal Justice & Criminology John Stogner 704-687-0753 Colvard 5068
English Rebecca Roeder 704-687-0444 Fretwell 280D
Geography & Earth Sciences Sandra Clinton 704-687-5973 McEniry 315
Global, International & Area Studies Garth Green 704-687-5183 Macy 103A
History Benny Andrés 704-687-5125 Garinger 103
Language & Cultural Studies Olga Padilla-Falto   COED 446
Mathematics & Statistics Anthony Fernandes   Fretwell 245F
Military Science Curtis Lawrence 704-687-8101 Memorial Hall 127
Philosophy Elisabeth Paquette 704-687-5210 Cedar 24A
Physics & Optical Science Rosario Porras   Grigg 337
Political Science & Public Administration Regina Branton 704-687-7033 Fretwell 455D
Psychology Erika Montanaro 704-687-1320 Colvard 4032
Religious Studies

Barbara Thiede 704-687-5188 Macy 208B
Sociology Vaughn Schmutz

704-687-7829 Fretwell 460C
Writing, Rhetoric, and Digital Studies Lynn Raymond   Cameron 118

Previous DLEI Initiatives:

Since 2013 Fall, DLEIs have identified and have been working on a number of diversity-related issues. Our group strives to provide leadership, more resources and information for faculty, staff and students.

  1. Website and newsletter content: Rickelle Mason, Ritika Prasad, Mike Fiddy; student essays: Justin Cary and Christine Germain
  2. Undergraduate perspectives on diversity in CLAS. Follow up on report produced last year (see white paper); Anthony Fernandes
  3. Campus ombuds and support services, identify resources and work with campus & graduate ombuds, compare with peer institutions’ approaches and guidelines: Mike Fiddy, Nick Caste.
  4. International faculty Identify challenges faced by international faculty and departments (e.g. hiring, retention) Identify resources and make suggestions: Garth Green.
  5. Diversity in faculty recruitment & retention Work with ADVANCE to obtain data (e.g. discipline, gender, race etc.): Judy Aulette.
  6. Issues of diversity in student evaluation of teaching (SET). Ongoing work on SET, work with department review committee, online evaluations: Scott Hippensteel, Didier Dreau, Christine Germain.
  7. Student organizations and the importance of diversity in the workplace. Diversity in the workplace/employment: Bruce Arrigo, Phil McReynolds.
  8. Women/minorities in science. Tracking students, best practices elsewhere: Sara Levens, Joanna Krueger
  9. Social media. Public space discussions and building social media presence: Justin Cary, Christine Germain, Rickelle Mason.
  10. Campus climate survey, best practices elsewhere, liaise with ADVANCE: Bruce Arrigo, Anthony Fernandes, Rickelle Mason.